Monday Picks From Jane

I don't usually post about the same site weekly, but when I saw these new items on an email from I knew I had to share them before they sell out. There really are too many to list today - here are my picks. Most of these deals end tonight or tomorrow.

Linen pants are a summer must have, and at this price I can wear them to the beach without worrying about sand stains on the hem.

I love this turquoise statement necklace.

I buy these monogrammed clutches as gifts all the time from a popular website selling them for triple the price. I actually don't have one myself, so I'm grabbing this in a couple of colors.

A new pool and beach tote has been on my shopping list since I literally threw mine in the trash at the end of the summer. This one is perfect and so is the price.

This set of three bracelets is the perfect addition to add color to my usually all-neutral outfits. What do you think about wearing it with the turquoise necklace above?

I am so surprising Georgia with a set of matching princess aprons for us! She's really into decorating cookies (and eating frosting) and has been asking for her own apron since Christmas.

I got Georgia a pair of green pants to wear for St. Patty's with plans to order a monogrammed top. You really can't beat this price, and of course she will be getting a matching necklace! SOLD OUT!

I've started wearing headbands when I work out. This one will add some sophistication to the sweat.

These colorful tear drop chandelier earrings are almost identical to a pair of Kate Spade earrings I pinned last year. Three bucks!

And last but not least, this is like a little surprise Birchbox for girls. Georgia loves accessorizing so I'm thinking this is right up her alley. SOLD OUT!

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