Haute Mommy Spring Picks from Old Navy

I typically love Old Navy for basic spring pieces. They always have great pastels and neutrals, as well as trendy items at the right price for only wearing them for one season.

Luckily for you, I had some time to kill between dropping Georgia off at preschool and a dentist appointment, so I stopped in. Even luckier for you, I had my camera with me. (My phone has no more storage. I have something like 2900 photos on it and I'm too nervous to move them all to my computer.)

I took a huge selection of the new items into the dressing room with me. I photographed at least twenty-five of them on me. But in the spirit of being a transparent blogger, I only want to share and recommend the items I actually bought or will be buying soon.

A pastel button down was on my list of Spring Must Haves. This isn't a color I would normally be drawn to, but remember, I'm trying to break the habit of only buying neutrals.

I don't love the fit. I had to buy a medium; since I'm a little busty Old Navy's smalls always shrink in the wash and the buttons pop open at the worst time. Like when you're visiting with Ariel at Disney World. I think the medium will be fine with the half-tuck though.

I actually didn't buy this denim jacket because I already have one that hasn't been worn, but I wanted to show how you all one of the ways I plan to style the shirt for spring.

This photo is most indicative of the real-life color of the shirt. While it's cotton, it is pretty sheer so you'll need to wear a cami. I borrowed one from Old Navy for the photo shoot and it worked just fine.

This neon striped shirt ($11 right now) is one I know will only last me until the end of summer due to frequent washing, and that's fine. I also hope think the neon trend will be gone by next year. It's cute and the fit is a little slim. I bought a small and I don't plan on putting it in the dryer.

If you don't already have a military jacket, this one is a great pick! I love the collar that can be worn up or down. I don't love the drawstrings at the bottom hem. For the life of me, I couldn't figure out how to shorten them. I'm going to cut the strings to a length I like and reattach the beads. 

Size XS in this one. When an item is more masculine (military jacket, khaki pants, polo shirts), you need a more fitted shape to keep it looking feminine.

A found a pastel button down, as per my usual Old Navy spring shopping. This one is a light pink gingham. It's also going to look great with the denim and military jackets, as well as with jeans, white jeans, capris, shorts...you get the picture. Well worth the price in my opinion.

You need this! I bought last year's short-sleeved stripe version and this one is a better fit. I can see myself wearing it with sandals, wedges, ballet flats, or as a swimsuit cover tunic.

This top is a great buy, too. I love the pattern which looks more high end to me. This one is also pretty sheer, so keep that camisole handy. 

The white pants didn't fit me well at all, so I obviously didn't buy them. As you can see, they stretch across my hips, which usually means that pants are too small. But they were big on my waist and baggy in the thighs (you can't see this because of the way I'm standing). My waist is not small compared to my hips. In fact, it's probably proportionately bigger than most women's.

This is why I always recommend buying premium denim. They use actual live human fit models and cut fewer "stacks" of fabric at a time which keeps the fit true and the proportions correct. If you can't stomach the cost, just know that all of the premium denim I've ever owned have lasted at least five years. I get tired of them before they wear out.

I ended up coming  home and ordering a couple of things that weren't in stock in my size. I will let you know how those work out.

My denim jeans are J Brand. Earrings are Kendra Scott. Lip gloss is Clinique - it goes on darker and less pink than the online pictures. Camera is Canon. Similar watch. Similar emerald and diamond celebration ring.

Fortunately, I touched up my roots after seeing these pictures!

Is there anything you plan on buying? Did I miss anything?

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