Georgia's Janie & Jack Fashion Show / President's Day Sale Alert! / Job Offer

Georgia and I happened to stop by Janie & Jack just as the President's Day Sale markdowns were happening, so we got prime picks! And a job offer. I was pulling outfits so fast and knew some of the line names and they offered me a job on the spot. I don't think I have time for it, but the discount is incredibly tempting. Especially after this spree.

While browsing for links, I saw that a lot of these are a few bucks cheaper online - great for you guys, not so great for me. There is an extra 20% off sale items, too.

Before you see these photos, know that I didn't direct any of this. You say "model" this girl is all in! And oops! momma didn't spruce up her hair or face before this. She'd just gotten back from a bike ride with Daddy - Georgia, not mommy.

For sizing reference, Georgia is 27 pounds and around 40 inches tall. Her torso is long, so she wears anywhere from 2t (dresses, some tops) to 4 (swimsuits, rompers) in Janie & Jack.

This is my absolute favorite color on her, and I couldn't resist. Although I normally do something more traditional, I love this so much I think it's going to be her Easter dress. This sale price is a steal for this dress! It has crinoline so the skirt really is puffy, she is just holding one layer of it up. She is wearing size 2t and it fits perfectly.

I really need to find an Easter dress for me that coordinates with this. Please let me know if you see anything!


She already has one for this season, but I couldn't resist the nautical theme and Georgia couldn't resist the sparkly gold seahorses on this swimsuit. She is wearing a size 4 and it fits perfectly. 

adore this Jackie-O style dress. It wasn't so cute on the hanger, but I knew it had potential. She wore it to church with little black shoes and it was simply perfect. She's wearing size 3 (a 2t might work better) in this and I bought it in size 5, too - we can take a year long break from it. 

The creamy color was a great compliment to her complexion and of course she loved the slightly metallic threading. It was part of a holiday collection, but accessorized right, it looks great for spring.

Georgia kept saying "I'm not Jackie-O! That's a boy!" We really need to school her, don't we?

My love for anything nautical is carrying over to her wardrobe. I'm not sure if we will keep this one. It's a size 3 and I think she needs 2t since the arm holes are pretty big. Most folks could probably save it for next year but her torso is so long that I'm afraid it will be too short. It's not available online and I got one of the last ones in our store.

Another Super Sale Alert! Under $30!!!

I got this for her to wear next year (size 4) but since it is sparkly she wanted to show it to you all.

We ended up buying three bags full of stuff - yikes! Most of the items are for winter, so they're no longer online. I bought ahead in bigger sizes, so they didn't really work for fashion show purposes.

Here are a couple more things that came home with us. Unfortunately, my little model had some Disney Princess + Lion King figurines to play with, so we cut the fashion show short.

Of course I loved the black and white stripes on this swim cap and suit set. Since she will do swim lessons a few times a week this summer, we totally need a million swimsuits right? I bought size 4.

I plan on buying silver tights to go with this flocked dress next winter.

Here's the aqua color I love so much. I bought a size 5 in this dress because I think it's a little too mature for Georgia in her little baby hair.

I got this textured geometric print dress in size 5, too. I think it would look really cute with knee socks for a younger girl, though. What do you think?

This little metallic print sweater was a really good price, so I bought it for next year, too. They were sold out of matching pants and I didn't love the tulle skirts, so I'll have her wear it with jeans or sweater leggings.

The website does not do this dress justice. It has a light metallic threading and Georgia loves the girlishness of it. It would be really pretty for Easter if you like more contemporary dresses. Just add some little white gloves!

I have an addiction to Janie and Jack's retro-style swimsuits and rompers. They were totally out of size 3 and 4 so I put my name on a list and they'll call if anyone returns.

Are you catching any sales today?

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