February Goals & January Recap

I said in my Goals for 2015 post that I was going to set smaller monthly goals rather than big goals for the year that I'll likely not work to meet.

Here are my January Goals and how I did:

  • Home I made a cleaning schedule at the end of December and I really did try to follow it to a tee. There were some bigger chores that didn't get done when they should have (or at all), but for the most part the house was cleaner and stayed picked up more than usual. I've also recruited Georgia to do much more than she usually does in terms of putting away toys and helping to clean her room. She also does things like dust the windowsills and clean our glass coffee table.
  • Getting Rid of Clutter I sold some of Georgia outfits on my mom's group Facebook site, but the awesome thing is that I cleaned out four kitchen drawers, packed up an entire garbage bag from my closet and dropped them off at the donation center. 
  • Blogging I did pretty well here. Not fully twice a week as I wanted to, but that's because I got a stomach virus and spent four days in bed. I also didn't get to the outfit of the day or day in the life posts, but I'm still happy with what I did.
  • Finances I wanted to set up our budget and record all expenditures. Done!
  • Exercise I was doing great on working out at least every other day. Until that stomach flu hit. I took a week off, then got busy with some other things and wasn't as consistent as I wanted to be.
  • Eating Oh gosh! I failed on all of these! I didn't have any sugary drinks or ice cream until after I got sick. Only had ice cream once, though! Had some fruit but definitely not every day.
  • Bible I didn't do five devotions a week, and I'm really disappointed in myself for that. I did about every other weekday.
  • Marriage Ummm....we had our date night. It was David's office party. Does that count? I didn't make a list of things I appreciate about him either, but I did give him one that I made before Christmas. Sadly, I don't think that counts, either.
  • Social Blah. I neither hosted a girls night nor had neighbors over for drinks. 
Lots of fails in January! Here's what I'm going to try for February:
  • Home Keep up with the cleaning schedule and strive to do better with the bigger tasks. Spend some time organizing my office. I'm not setting a specific amount of time on this one, because something is better than nothing. We will see how I do then go from there.
  • Clutter Tag at least two bins of clothes for the Just Between Friends sale. Go through at least one rack of my closet and donate, donate, donate!
  • Blogging Three posts a week and get more active on the Haute Mommy Facebook page. I'm also working on something exciting, but it's not ready to share yet.
  • Finances Keep up with tracking expenditures. Last month was just getting into the groove. In February I want to try harder to keep us within budget on the more frivolous expenditures, such as dining and shopping.
  • Exercise My gym membership is on hold since we'll be out of town for two weeks in January. I want to find some YouTube workouts do to every other day and do something active every day (walking, crunches, jumping on the trampoline with Georgia).
  • Eating No sugary drinks unless we are on vacation (hey, a girl has to live!). Plan ahead so that I have healthy snacks and Splenda-sweetened tea at home to keep me from being tempted to run to Chick Fil A.
  • Bible Do at least three morning devotions a week. Finish making my prayer box (more on that to come).
  • Marriage Have at least one single date night! Make that appreciation list! Surprise David with something, not sure what, on a day other than Valentine's Day.
  • Social Host two or three playdates at our house. I really will be too busy this month to host anything in the evenings. But mommies can catch up while kiddos play!
  • Writing I'm adding this category since some fun things have come up. Submit article and pitch two more article ideas.
How are you doing on your 2015 plans so far?

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