Fave Finds Friday

Makeup Genius App

I don't really get into apps, but Makeup Genius is really cool. It allows you to test out makeup before you buy by scanning the UPC of any L'Oreal item. It's not like the other apps that I've seen in that the makeup is on your face in video when you move. You can get it on iTunes here and there's also an Android version.

Almond Nut Thins

Normally anything advertising gluten free on its box doesn't get thrown into my cart. I did the ultimate no-no of going grocery shopping hungry and came home with these. Best grocery mistake ever! I am a junk food addict, and these are a really healthy alternative to chips. Seventeen of these babies equals 130 calories. I usually have a snack of ten Nut Thins dipped in hummus and feel so smug for cheating the junk food system. How awful would it be if I took some to my favorite Mexican restaurant and had Nut Thins instead of chips with my salsa?

At Home Root Touch Up

I normally wouldn't do something like this, but I just wasn't feeling $180 to touch up an inch of roots. I went a little lighter and heavier than usual on my highlights, so the growth is really noticeable. When I saw this L'Oreal on sale for $6 at Target, I figured I could give it a shot. Worst case scenario: I pay $180 to fix it, which I would have to pay anyway. The Root Rescue has a money back guarantee, too. It only takes ten minutes and is very easy to apply. I don't know how it worked, but my dark roots now match the color of my highlights and blend really well. I won't use it as a long term fix, but I will definitely be using it to buy time in between big hair expenses. I used Dark Blonde.

Kendra Scott Danielle Earrings in Clear Iridescent
I bought these Kendra Scott earrings (Danielle in Clear Iridescent) almost a year ago, and I still wear them constantly. Seriously, pretty much every day. They go with everything and add a little dressiness when the rest of me is super casual

A Kid Who is Doing Chores!

No photo for this, but can I get a wooo-hoooo from all the mommas reading this? I made up this little system that's working for us (for now). It's so nice to not have to clear the table, pick up shoes, take toys and trinkets back upstairs - over and over all day long. Georgia also helps me unload the dishes, do laundry, dust and any other tasks I think she can handle. After ten days of helping out with no arguing about it, she gets to pick out a prize at the Dollar Store (seriously, her most favorite store ever). I think we're getting off pretty cheap at only ten cents per day. What do you think?

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