Microneedling At Home / Dermaroller

The spa at my gym has numerous displays telling me how much I need microneedling. After my friend April posted that she got a dermaroller, I was intrigued. She's an esthetician, so I emailed her a couple of questions then did my own research. It turns out that a dermaroller and microneedler are the same thing.

I had an Amazon gift card burning a hole in my Chanel, so I ordered one. As a side note, did you know that if you're an Amazon Prime member and you opt for slower shipping (not the free two day), you get credits to spend on digital books and movies? My stuff always gets here in about five days, so totally worth it.

Anyway, I did some research and maybe I shouldn't have, but I bought a dermaroller with the same specifics used in doctor's offices (and I'm assuming spas). I wanted the bang for my buck, even though all of the dermarollers were really affordable. Here's the one I got:

I also researched the best products to use with it. I came up with Vitamin C (which I've used in the past, but don't currently use) and hyaluronic acid (OMG how many times did I try to spell that before getting it right?). I used my Amazon gift card to buy this Vitamin C serum and this hyralonic acid serum, again going for the clinical strength products. This set looks like a really good buy, too.

In case you don't know what they do:

HLA is the main ingredient Juvederm injections. Don't let that scare you - it has many medical uses too, like helping to keep eyes from drying out in eye surgeries, and it's found naturally in our bodies. On the skin, it's a moisturizing agent that supposedly draws moisture to the skin and helps retain it.

I've been using it daily (when I remember to) under moisturizer for a few years. When using it really regularly - morning and night - after a couple of weeks I can tell a huge difference. Yep, I'll finally admit it: I have some teeny tiny lines that it helps to fill. My skin also looks plumper and more supple.

I asked my dermatologist about it and she said it wouldn't hurt anything, but it's not actually proven to help with anti-aging and the results are temporary. Which is true - when I stop using it for a few days, I can see my lines again. Anyway, it's pretty nice while it lasts.

Vitamin C is something that I really need to start using regularly. I'm incredibly embarrassed to admit that I spent my teens and half of my twenties using tanning beds. And I only started using sunscreen a few years ago, after my dermatologist scared me into it by telling me I was just ageing my skin double-time.

Vitamin C is awesome for sun spots, which I know I'll be getting due to my irresponsibility noted above. It's the only antioxidant that helps produce collagen, which will fill those lines right up and keep your skin from sagging as you get older.

I took this picture before dermarolling, and I plan to take another one to update in six weeks or so. It's with no makeup (please ignore the brows, they got waxed the next day). The lighting isn't awesome. It was 10 pm and everyone here was asleep; it is also very yellow due to the reflection from beige walls in our bathroom. But you can see some lines on my forehead and the smile area from nose to mouth, as well as tons of freckles. I've always had freckles but I think they may lighten some with the Vitamin C.

I followed instructions and did 4-5 (ok, I actually did 5-10) rolls each direction (horizontal, vertical, diagonal then diagonal the other way) on all the areas of my face, working in areas of about three square inches. I'm not gonna lie, it really does feel like you're poking 150 little needles into your face. However, you control the pressure and speed, I did mild to medium pressure and did it pretty quickly. 

My skin didn't hurt or feel weird at all after rolling, so I put the products on. I used Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturizer after the two. Within less than five minutes you could really tell the areas I went to town on. My forehead looked like I had scratched it incessantly for awhile. I was a little worried that look would linger, but it was gone the next morning. When I woke up a few times that night as I do every night, my face just felt like I'd gotten a moderate sunburn: tight and a little uncomfortable but not unpleasant.

My verdict so far: I definitely think it was worth the $20 or so, even if I don't see long term effects. The next day my MOPS group told me my skin looked really nice and "glowy" and I thought it looked better than usual for a few days. Until that night I went to bed without taking my makeup off. I plan to use it as directed twice a week for six weeks. I'll take an after photo so you can judge the progress.

Last Minute Edit: I used the dermaroller four or five days before writing this post. I suddenly developed dry areas of skin, mainly around my mouth...so I have a peeling goatee. I started googling around and this is common and normal, as are rough patches of skin. It's just part of the exfoliation process. I'm just keeping it moisturized and it's been no big deal. I just wanted to let you all know!

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