Inexpensive Dollar Store Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

I remember Valentine's Day when I was in elementary school. I bought a box of the little cards and envelopes from Wal-Mart (got the kind with stickers if I was lucky!), and my mom and I stayed up all night turning a shoe box into a tinfoil and construction paper covered masterpiece to collect the cards from my classmates.

I'm not sure if it's the Pinterest age or just a bunch of overachieving preschool moms, but gifts nowdays are a whole lot more fun. And admittedly, mine never take more than a trip to the Dollar Store and 10 minutes to put together. I spent more time making "from Georgia" labels than I do on the gifts.

I really don't like getting or giving gifts that are going to turn into clutter, and if I'm spending money I don't want throwaway gifts that are going to get trashed by next week.

Last year I found these monkeys at the Dollar Store and they had just enough for me to buy a red one for each boy and a pink one for each girl. One little friend named his Punky Monkey, and that monkey still rides around on his back!

This year I did the buckets shown above. I found pink, red, and white buckets that were two for $1, heart themed tissue paper, then bought a bunch of little packaged items to fill them up. Crazy straws, stickers, stamps, notepads, tootsie pops (12 for $1!), heart-shaped Mardi Gras beads, sixlets, candy necklaces, things like that. I made $12 cute little buckets for around $15! I'll just change the text on last year's tag and they're done - two weeks ahead which never happens in this house. Georgia was in charge of putting the prizes in each bucket and we were still done in 15 minutes. I used a glue dot to attach a lid to the bottom of each buckets, so the kids can hopefully use them for things. Georgia has already filled hers with crayons.

I will give a warning - if you want the cute useful things go now. Monkeys and frogs were already sold out when I went last week.

Do you have any cute Dollar Store gift ideas?

Edited to add: I saw online this morning that the Kindle version of A Little Salty Cut to the Sweet is free. I've never really read Boomama's blog, but a lot of people love her. I just got the book and hope to read it on the plane when I take two very exciting trips this month. I can't wait to fill y'all in!

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