Goals for 2015

I'm the type to make lofty goals without a real plan to meet them. By February I am always frustrated so I give up. This year I decided to do things a little differently.

For 2015 I'm setting goal categories and a mini goal for each month. At the end of the month I'll reassess and see what worked and how I can step up or look at what needs to be done differently

Home Use the cleaning and organization calendars I set up for each day. I found several on Pinterest (see my 2015 Goals board) and made them over to meet our goals. One of my other goals for the year is to buy several decorative accessories or pieces of furniture for the house, so I'm setting a small goal of cutting back on spending elsewhere in January to save for kitchen light fixtures, entry chandalier or living room rug.

Getting Rid of Clutter Set up an ebay account and sell 12 things in January between there and Facebook sites.

Blogging  Blog twice a week, including an outfit of the day post for one week and a couple of day in the life type posts.

Finances Set up budget and record all expenditures.

Exercise Hit the gym or do some home workouts (I've started saving a few on a YouTube playlist). I can skip days, but never two days in a row! I've found that I do need days off, but once I skip twice it's difficult to get back into the swing of things.

Eating No Coke, sweet tea, sugary drinks or ice cream. Eat at least one piece of fruit daily.

Bible Do five daily devotions a week, using books and study guide I've already bought.

Marriage Have one date night a month. Make a thoughtful list of things I appreciate about David.

Social  Host a girls' night. Have neighbors over for dinner or drinks.

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