Texas Thunder Tiaras Tiny Cheer Team

Last year Georgia got a pair of little pom-pons from Santa. She talked for ever and ever about being a cheerleader. Being the Type-A, slightly helicopter mom that I am, I found a cheer gym and signed her up. She is in the Tiny division, which is for little girls ages three to five. Her team name is the Tiaras, how cute is that? Other teams at her gym are Jewels, Empire, Dynasty, Reign and so on. Georgia is the youngest on her team, there is one other three year old, and is the little one in the back row on the far right.

I didn't compete when I was a cheerleader so many years ago, so I really didn't know what to expect. I put on my blinged up Cheer Mom shirt and got a $1 large Coke from McDonald's (after getting Georgia up at six a.m.) and headed to Reliant. It was huge! I don't know what I was thinking, but these teeny Tinys were on the arena floor! With spotlights so bright their eyes squinched up. And smoke machines!

We got to watch several other teams. Only one looked younger than Georgia's group and they were too cute. They played ring around the rosies. The Tiaras walked out and got into position. And had a music malfunction. They stayed in their building formation for about three minutes until it got straightened out.

They did great! Of course it wasn't perfect, but all of their stunts went up and the girls who tumble did a great job. I absolutely loved hugging Georgia afterward and seeing the biggest smile on her face! We stayed and watched the older girls, cheered for our gym and waited for the awards ceremony. The Tiaras came home with a first place trophy! A bunch of proud mamas and happy girls.

We did video it, but due to gym rules, I'm not allowed to make it public online. Bummer, because I would really love to share it with everyone. Hopefully I'll be able to after the competition season is over.

Oh! And this is hilarious. The girls all hung out and sat together after their routine and Georgia got to know some of them more. Since I signed her up for the team late, she didn't get to hang out with them very much, they go right into practice every week. Anyway, there is a little girl named Austin Leigh. Georgia calls her Awesome League, HA!

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