How I'm Shopping Black Friday & Cyber Monday

The last time I went Black Friday shopping, Georgia was six months old. My friend Ashley and I coffee'd up and stood in line for an hour at Target. I grabbed the last of a toy she wanted for Piper off the shelf as another mom was reaching for it and we hightailed it out of there. We went to a few mall stores, but nothing crazy.

This year? I am ready to hit it. Big Time! My mom and aunts always go. They don't do a lot of shopping, just browsing and people watching. I, however, have a list and plan of attack.

I know we will go to Kohl's and I plan to pick up towels for Georgia's bathroom. At HomeGoods, I will grab some wrapping paper; theirs is the best! so thick and richly colored. Hobby Lobby for ribbon. Target always has some small deals like pajamas and leggings. And CVS is going to have $10 bottles of Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume!

It may seem a bit psychotic, but I've mapped out stores and the times they open, as well as a written list of what I want to buy and the prices. That way, I can send my mom over to a different department to pick things up for me. Now isn't that smart?

If you're looking for electronics or trying to compare prices, I found this awesome Black Friday comparison spreadsheet on Redefined Mom. And! Earlier this week Walmart started matching other stores' Black Friday prices. This is all getting too crazy for me...before you know it Black Friday will be starting the day after Halloween.

Now, onto Cyber Monday. Most stores are starting their Cyber Monday deals on Thanksgiving or the day before (see? crazy!). I haven't yet figured out my plans for shopping. I know I'll have to get up early and be quick before Georgia wakes up. To help myself out with this, I created a Cyber Monday Pinterest board of the items I'm scouting out. That way, when Monday (or Wednesday) rolls around, I can just click the items on the Pinterest board and won't have to worry about searching for them or remembering what I want to buy.

It's definitely not complete, but a few things I'm looking for are a Fair Isle jacket or cardigan, faux fur scarf, fleece leggings, and a dress for Christmas parties. I've never liked Fair Isle, but the more I see of it, the more I'm falling in love with it. I do know that Loft will be 50% off and Limited usually does the same deal, so I've started pinning items from there. If you need work clothes, Ann Taylor is typically 50% off as well.

If you're looking for kid's clothes, Gymboree currently has everything on their website 40-50% off. Plus, they mailed out coupon codes for $25 off $100 orders + free shipping. I used ebates and bought 10 items for exactly $100. Cheaper than Target or consignment stores! I researched and the lowest Gymboree ever goes on Black Friday is 60% off and they don't always offer that online. So I suggest stocking up now if you find things you like! I got Georgia the cutest white puffer vest!

Speaking of Georgia - my little munchkin is wearing a 4t in bottoms and dresses! FOUR TEE Y'ALL! She's growing up so fast and I promise to share some photos soon. She is tall and skinny with no waist or booty. She is brilliant, with an amazing memory, funny, and always so cheerful. It is so much fun being Mommy to a three and a half year old! and I want her to stay this age forever and ever.

Do you have a Black Friday / Cyber Monday plan of attack? Where do you plan on shopping? Any fun shopping traditions?

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