Chore Charts for Toddlers & Preschoolers

Can you believe Georgia is THREE now?!?! I have to pinch myself every day to realize she's no longer my teeny-tiny baby. And she reminds me of it multiple times a day, too, by saying "When I was a little baby, I was born in your tummy." She's growing up so fast!

As we got into our summer routine, I really wanted to add some structure to our day and a sense of household responsibilities. I know, she's already only three but I don't think it's ever too early. Our days were turning into play, play, play and Georgia watching TV while I scurried around trying to pick up after our projects, which really left me no time for actual housework. (We don't have a housekeeper anymore.)

I googled "free printable Frozen chore chart" and tons of options came up. I printed one out, laminated it, and wrote four little chores. She absolutely loves checkmarking her "jobs" at the end of the day, and it gives her a huge sense of accomplishment and self esteem.

Her chores right now are: feed puppies, pick up books, pick up toys and put dirty clothes away.

At the end of the week we will go to the Dollar Store to pick out a prize.

Another thing she has absolutely loved is helping me with my chores. Score!! I wrote a few things she can help with on index cards. She loves choosing a card then running off to help me complete it. Here are some that we do together:

  • Empty trashcans - she brings the little bag from her trash downstairs before we take out the trash
  • Put away laundry - she can do most of her own (some drawers I like to keep neat), as well as some of mine and David's
  • Clean mirrors/windows - she does the lower parts while I reach up high
  • Put away silverware - I take the tray out and she sorts into the correct compartment; she also puts away things like spatulas, whisks, and tupperware
  • Laundry - she puts laundry into the washer & turns it on, moves to dryer & turns it on, then carries all of the clean laundry to the couch to be folded
She gets a huge sense of accomplishment whenever she completes a task, and it's building her self-esteem, too. She loves telling David all about the jobs she finished when he comes home in the evening.

What chores do your preschoolers like to do?

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