An App Just For Moms - You'll Want This!

I've been waiting for a really long time to share this service with you guys and it's finally going live!

It's an app that allows you to quickly import your family's medical records just by taking a photo of them. You can then fax or email the records from your phone, tablet or computer. This is awesome for me! I've had to get copy after copy of Georgia's immunization records for school, drop-in daycare and Sunday School. Now I'll love sending in the updated records with a click on my phone. You can store medical, dental, vision, insurance, prescription, and other records info for all of your family members. Particularly useful since I always tend to have my insurance cards in the wallet I'm not carrying at doctor appointments. I'm all about one less paper to keep up with! 

You can sign up for the pre-release of ChartSpan here - the first 500 will get an early sneak peek of it! Try it out and let me know what you think.

I am on the Advisory Board for ChartSpan. This post is not compensated, I'm just sharing something I think all moms will find useful.

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