The Thing That Surprised Me Most & $50 Giveaway

Before having Georgia I was Type-A to a tee. (Is there any other way to be Type-A)?

I read every single parenting book covering topics from getting pregnant to getting your baby through college. All in my first trimester. 

I knew how many diapers she should dirty per day, how many hours she should sleep before waking, and the exact second to start feeding her purees. Homemade & organic, of course.  I knew the ins & outs of potty training before we bought our first box of diapers. 

Imagine my shock when she was born and all of my carefully-planned researched went out the window.

I remember the exact second it did. I was alone with her in our hospital room for the first time. As I held her and she slept on me, I knew that no book would ever make me the perfect mother, or even a good-enough mother. After just a few hours, that thing I'd heard so much about, that "motherly instinct",  hit me.

In the beginning, I felt pressured by...I don't media? I loosely followed Babywise to keep to a routine (which helped me transition from Type-A to my current Type-Mom) and bought into Moms On Call because every other blogger was doing it. I didn't make my own purees - Georgia never ate purees anyway - and they probably wouldn't have been organic enough anyway. I also didn't do enough tummy time because she hated it.

I surprised myself by picking and choosing the things we would do and routines we would set and ideas we would implement based on my own instinct and what worked for us. No book or further instruction needed.

We kept to a fairly strict bedtime routine and still do because it's what works for us. As for eating? She and I snack most of the day and I try to make most of it healthy. Potty training hasn't even crossed my mind yet, and I know we will start when we are both ready.

My advice to new moms is to trust your instinct, regardless of what you've researched and read, and don't be surprised when it works!

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