Beauty Box 5 Contents Review Spoiler

I was really excited when the gals at Beauty Box 5 asked if I'd like a box to check out. First, they're based in Austin - the coolest of all cities and one of my personal favorite places to visit. Plus I'm a sucker for any Texas based business. Here's a review of the contents of my Beauty Box 5, spoiler if you haven't received your June or July box!  For 12 bucks a month you get 4-5 samples. Lucky me - I got a few full sized items!

  • Blinc Mascara (sample size) - I was so excited to see this since I've been looking to switch from my Lash Blast that runs like crazy as soon as I put it on. Blinc stays put and doesn't run at all. It covers your lashes in these tiny little "tubes" which you can see when you remove the mascara! Pretty cool and seeing the little tubes is worth the price. You can buy Blinc at Sephora.
  • Jean Pierre Oil-Absorbing Facial Tissues - I've never used facial tissues, I've just never wanted to carry them around and bother with them. However, since becoming a mom + the summer weather, I've found that my face is more oily, so I'll keep these in my purse and hopefully remember to use them. I got a packet of 50, so I'm counting this as a full-sized item.

  • Model Co Illusion Lip Liner - another full sized item! I'm already loving this, although I haven't used it yet, due to the built-in sharpener. How handy is that? From reading the info on this, it illuminates your lips to help them look a little more plump and full. I'll be using it soon for sure!
  • Brazen Organic Mineral Eye Shadow - this might also be a full size, I couldn't find a photo of it online. I also haven't used this, but I think the color (Birthday Suit) will be gorgeous as a highlighter for summer skin. 
  • Bodyography Foundation Primer - I've only recently started using primer, and so far I've only used samples that I've gotten here and there. I'm happy for this little full-sized tube so I will have something consistent. It works as well as other high end brands I've tried.
I think Beauty Box 5 is absolutely worth the $14! So far it's been the box that has blown me away with higher quality and larger sized products. If I've convinced you, I'd love for you to use my affiliate link to sign up so I can get some bonus points!

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