My Blog Is Not A Pinterest Board...

...and neither is my life.

This post is long, but it's worth it if you stick with it. I promise.

This post has been a long time coming, but the thoughts really came to a head when I hesitated on posting photos of a weekend with our extended family.  In all of the photos we were playing outside, and in 99% of them Georgia was only wearing a diaper while playing at her water table.

Why did I not want to post them?

I know why. I was afraid of being judged by my real life friends who read this blog (at that point, aren't they frenemies?). I was afraid of being judged by bloggers I know who portray only the perfect parts of life. I was afraid of being judged by the people who read this blog. I was afraid of being judged by drive-by readers. All because my kid plays outside in the water only wearing her diaper.

After this hesitation to post, I sat down and wrote out what my life is about and what parts of my life I want my share and how my blog should convey my life.

Both my life and my blog have changed drastically over the last two years.  I'm no longer the girl who shops at Saks and gets a weekly pedicure. Now I shop at "mall stores" and slap some paint on my toes myself if I need to look decent in sandals. I buy more products at CVS than I do at Sephora and my salon.

Part of this has to do with being on a limited budget since I stay home now, but most of it has to do with realizing that true friends don't care if you answer the door in your workout pants with halfway done nails. In e.l.f. brand polish. And I want my readers to be my friends, so I want to start being real with y'all.

Although my blog will still have the Haute Mommy title, I want other bloggers and readers to know that they're not alone. Life isn't always perfect, but we make do, don't we?

I used to visit certain blogs because everything about their family and life was so perfect and pretty. Over the past couple of years I've found myself visiting them less and less, and now I don't visit at all. I am fine if people only want to share the "perfect" aspects of their lives, but that's not me anymore and that's not what I prefer to read. I want you coming back to my blog because you relate to me. I want to inspire others to be real and stop comparing themselves to perfection that simply isn't attainable (at least not for me).

Now that that I've gotten this off my chest, I won't wait for the right angle of photo that leaves out the mess in the playroom. I'll post about those days when I was a total fail at parenting and Georgia spent more time watching me clean than reading books with me. And stay tuned for a post about a birthday party at the God-awful Chucky Cheese.

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