June 2013 Ipsy Subscription Box Contents Spoiler

My friend Lynn texts me every month when her Ipsy bag comes in. I love the cute little makeup bags and I'm always jealous of her full-size products. I broke down and got my own this month. It came with a cute little leopard print bag that is just big enough to pack with essentials and throw into my purse. Here are the contents of my June Ipsy bag - I didn't include brands on all of them, but if you're really interested just email me!
  • Cailyn Gel Eyeliner - I was really excited about this product. I've been wanting to try gel eyeliner for awhile but didn't have an excuse since I have quite a few pencils that I don't use very often in my makeup case. The eyeliner I received is a slate grey color with a bit of shimmer. If you haven't tried gel eyeliner I highly recommend it! It goes on much easier than I expected and, also unexpectedly, I have a lot more control with the little brush than I do with a pencil.
  • J Cat Sparkling Crème Palette glitter - this isn't eyeshadow, so I think it is supposed to be used to draw on your body. I won't use it, but I will keep it around and possibly let Georgia draw with it on paper.
  • Chubby Pencil Highlighter - I'm really loving this! I've always liked highlighter and I've been using it regularly ever since receiving some in my Salma Hayek Nuance Birchbox. This pencil is just really easy to draw on and blend - it goes on very creamy. It's quicker to use than the Salma Hayek or my favorite YSL Touche Éclat.
  • Lipliner - when I saw this I planned on tossing it without trying it, since it looked really purple. I was wondering if Ipsy had my beauty profile wrong since I got both this and the glitter. Lo and behold, I gave it a try and it worked very well since it's the same color as my lips when on. I have quite a few lipliners that aren't the right color, so now I'm glad to have this one.
  • NYX Blush - again, I didn't think it was my color, but it worked. This is really the only product I'm disappointed in. Ipsy sent me an email that led me to believe I would receive this as an extra product, not as one of my five full-sized products. I'm still happy to get the five items for $10, but I was really looking forward to six in my first bag.
If I've convinced you to sign up for Ipsy, I'd love for you to use my referral link, which I've used throughout this post. I'm one friend away from getting a cute bracelet in my bag next month. BONUS: you only have to refer two people for the extra prize!

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