Georgia's Second Birthday

On Georgia's Birthday and the weekend before (her Birthday was on a Monday), we did all of the little things that make her so happy. One of the biggest thrills that I unfortunately didn't photograph was playing the Buddy Bucks machine at our grocery store.

She got to play outside with the puppies before church, without me worrying if she was going to get dirty (she didn't).

She got to "lay like Mommy" at the pool and swim in her inflatable boat.

Just waking up on the day she turned TWO! Always so happy and ready to play in the morning. I love how she calls "Mahm-me, Mahm-me" when she's ready to get out of bed.

Eating a strawberry cupcake at Crave like a big girl. She also got some special chocolate milk from Crave in her sippy cup.

I took this photo at naptime, at 1:15, the time she was born TWO years ago.

She went down the big slide at the park all by herself. This thing is huge, I'm terrified of it.

Mommy got a kiss while we played on the see-saw.

Such a beautiful TWO year old. We love you Georgia Bugs!

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