My Mother's Day Gift: A Weekend at Hotel Zaza

I've gone on and on before about how much I love staying at Hotel Zaza. As my awesome luck would have it, I couldn't think of anything I wanted or needed for Mother's Day so my gift was left up to David's imagination.

I got a card with a sweet note. In the note, all of the "s" were changed to "z". The "cluez" were to help me figure out my gift. I immediately thought, "Oh yay! I get to sleep in!" and then I thought I might get a night at Zaza!

We took advantage of having family in town and stayed gone from Thursday at noon until Friday evening (Georgia's birthday party was on Saturday). It was a glorious, luxurious weekend "away".

We had a ninth floor room with one glass wall leading to a balcony with great views. We had poolside lunch and drinks on Thursday, with pool drinks, and brunch at the hotel restaurant, Monarch, on Friday.  Usually if you call to book your room, you get special treats such as free drinks and brunch and champagne in your room when you arrive.

Thursday night we went to Julia's, a restaurant we visited years ago and forgot about. I had the Poblano Pollo, which was chicken stuffed with poblano pepper and mexican cheese and wrapped in bacon! The jalapeno risotto was a great accompaniment. I didn't care so much for the prickly pear though.

After dinner we went to our friend Robin's bar, Double Trouble, where I had a Caribbean Cream Soda. The "double" in Double Trouble stands for caffeine and alcohol. It's a great concept coffee / coffee bar that's always full when we go. After a bit more barhopping, we went back to Monarch's bar then off to the room to enjoy a glorious morning of sleeping in!

If you are ever, ever, ever stumped for gifts for a busy parent, please consider gifting a night away! It came just at the right time for me and was better and more memorable than any jewelry or trinket would have been. It would make for a great baby's first birthday gift for the parents.

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