Mother's Day Brunch Menu & Recipes

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We blew our dining budget last weekend at a cool restaurant with some old friends - not to mention the craziness involved in trying to get brunch reservations this late in the game. Needless to say we're staying in for Mother's Day. I'm not planning on cooking, but I am going to make it easy for David.

eMeals posted a free Mother's Day Brunch menu complete with shopping list. Yay! I don't even have to hit the grocery!

Here's the menu:

  • Brunch Pizza - has hashbrowns and my favorite pimento cheese!
  • Brown Sugar Bacon - enough said just with the title of that one
  • Caramelized Donut Crisps - we'll probably skip these
  • Melon Blueberry Parfait - sounds perfect for dessert on the patio!
I would serve this with mimosas and sweet tea. Pour a few drops of pomegranate juice into your mimosas if you haven't already tried that!

The total price on the grocery list is less than $50 to serve six. You honestly can't beat that at McDonald's. I read over the recipes, should take my amateur husband about 45 minutes to prep and prepare.

Download your menu here - and click here if you'd like to sign up for eMeals weekly meal and shopping plans (I get blogger credit if you use my link). Oh! They're also based in Birmingham so you get lots of Southern Living style recipes on certain meal plans.