Free 30 Day Ab / Abdominal Challenge Workout Routine Calendar

30 day ab abdominal challenge workout routine free exercise

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When I posted the squat challenge last week, I was going strong. I kind of started slacking off because I wasn't feeling it and I just love feeling like I've had a workout when I'm finished. I'm still doing the squat challenge, but just about every other day or so when I think about doing it. I found this ab challenge workout calendar online last week and I'm really loving it, too!

I used to do up to 200 crunches a day. I know, there comes a point where more isn't actually more, but I've always loved ab work. I haven't worked my abs too much since having Georgia but I'd like to work up to the ultimate 200 crunches that this challenge has. Not to mention...I have a beach vacation coming up in August!

Calendar Photo credit: Tribe Sports

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