Summer Wardrobe Essentials - 25 Items Your Closet Needs This Summer

Summer Closet

In case you are missing something - you can find every item I've listed for under $50, and a decent version of the majority at the $25 price point? Don't believe me? Leave a comment and I'll link you to it!

maxi dress - easy for hot days
embellished top - preferably sheer
chambray shirt - goes with everything, jeans, white pants, seersucker shorts
little black dress - summer version
bright nails - choose a signature color and wear it like you mean it
carryall bag - something to take you from the pool to the grocery in no time
sunglasses - the bigger the better
cropped white pants - can be dressed up for evening and meetings, dress down for brunches and daytime
denim shorts - I like the shorter frayed/distressed, there is a denim short out there for every body and taste
sequin sandals - Target puts out a great version every summer
a signature scent - I change my scent to something lighter for summer, right now I'm loving something called kai
simple tank - buy in a variety of colors, Old Navy is the place to get them
dressy shorts - I love the silk PJ style that is popular right now, wear them with heels for maximum impact
simple skirt - something lightly tiered and a bit flowy or a tailored denim skirt works
white pants - skinny jeans, bootcut, whatever your jean preference, I prefer the dress pant versions (Express Editor)
something leopard - I'm on the hunt for a pair of leopard print shorts
sandals with heels - will work wonders for your legs and look great with all of the pants, shorts and skirts mentioned above
tunic dress - can double as a swimsuit cover
fabulous swimsuit - I'm really liking glam-retro with lower cut thighs for this year
seersucker shorts - looks great with rolled-sleeve chambray and will take you right into the fall when you wear with a light jacket

Am I missing anything - what else should I add to my summer closet?

Also, just a word about that Advocare Challenge every blogger and her mother seems to be doing these days. I used Advocare's Spark instead of coffee to get me through workdays 10 years ago and it was so good. A month ago I decided to try it again, so I ordered 1 of each flavor from eBay. Y'all. They must have changed their formula because this stuff is now absolutely awful! I'm not exaggerating when I say that is has a strong aftertaste of vomit. Now I know how everybody is losing so much weight, I am sure the taste alone kills your appetite. I ordered from different sellers, so I don't think my experience is just a fluke. Have you tried Spark lately?

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