You Want Birchbox This Month!

I just read the spoilers on the Birchbox blog, and this month's box is devoted to women's health and even packed with stuff chosen by the magazine staff. Birchbox contents are always a surprise, but they are promising brands like Kiehl's (crossing my fingers I get this!!), Supergoop (could totally use at the pool this summer), and Ojon this month. They also posted a spoiler yesterday about some cool color-changing nail polish making it's way into some boxes. A perfect example of why I love my subscription - things I would like to try but would rather not spend my own money on.

If I've convinced you, I would love for you to sign up using my link. I get a couple of Birchbox points for referrals and when I get 100, I get $10 to spend in their online store.

One more super important thing - if you love Birchbox and you love charities supporting children, you'll want to wake up early and read my post tomorrow!!

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