Review: Replenish Surface Cleaner

I don't get excited about cleaning, which means I don't get excited about cleaning products. But when I got an email asking if I'd like to try Replenish, and they mentioned that the packaging reduces waste, I was interested. I've already tried to mix my own DIY cleaners in the leftover bottles (didn't turn out that great) because we go through so many plastic bottles around here.

I've been  using it for two can see how much I like this stuff by how much I've used!

Replenish has a normal-looking bottle on top of a little pod that contains concentrated cleaner. You simply fill the bottle with water and squeeze a measured amount of the cleaner into it. Makes sense since cleaner is mostly made up of water anyway. Here's the good part: the pods contain enough cleaner to make three bottles of Replenish and you can buy refill pods, so you never have to throw the bottle away. And at $6.99 for one pod, that makes Replenish cheaper than any other cleaner I buy.

Replenish is non-toxic, biodegradable and pH neutral. It's also plant-derived and friendly for all surfaces, including marble. All of these safety features made me even more likely to purchase refill pods for my bottle. It comes in Lemon, Lavender, Green Tea and Scent Free. You can choose a different pod each time to mix things up.

I received the Sun Lemon scent to try. Like I said, I was already excited about trying this because of the waste-reducing packaging. I also love that I can use it on Georgia's little dining table and not worry about harsh chemicals.

Disclaimer: I was sent a sample of this product for my consideration. I was not compensated or required to blog about it.

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