Our Menu For The Week

I know I promised Easter pictures, but I haven't had time to get online today and so didn't upload them. So you get our lovely menu for the week instead. I'm actually blogging this in between stirring dinner and keeping an eye on things. And watching Georgia pretty much destroy the kitchen. At what age do toddlers stop pulling everything out of the cabinets?

With the lovely spring weather, I am finally in the mood to eat something besides DiGiorno and chili. Maybe swimsuit season and a tropical vacation in mind also have something to do with it!

This week's menu has lots of comfort food type meals but also lots of fresh veggies.

Saturday: Spaghetti and Meatballs with balsamic and wine marinara sauce that I cooked alllll day long last week. Yummy!
Sunday: Hamburger Pie - yes, it was as awesome as it sounds! Even though I forgot to garnish with pickles. We used turkey and a homemade, whole wheat crust so it was pretty healthy, too.
Monday: Chicken Scaloppine with Garlic Lemon sauce & Balsamic Green Beans
Tuesday: Fettuccine with Spinach & White Cheese Sauce
Wednesday: Pepperoni Frittata
Thursday: Fresh Corn & Black Bean Gazpacho and Mexican Coleslaw
Friday: Baked BLT Chicken - kind of both nervous and excited to try this recipe. Sounds good but not sure we will end up loving it.

We usually always have a Romaine salad with our dinner. I just discovered this seriously fatty Bacon Catalina dressing (by Kraft) and I think it's ruining my swimsuit figure. The fat free and all of the strawberry, poppy seed and healthy sounding stuff just doesn't cut it for me! For awhile I was just using balsamic & olive oil, but I got quite tired of that. I also love homemade ranch made with buttermilk - also pretty fatty. How do you keep your salads healthy?

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