Mommy Must Haves

Mommy Must Haves

Mommy Must Haves by chasitymunn featuring wetlook leggings

I've had this post in my head for quite awhile now. Every time I use one of these things, I remember that I need to share it with you all! It's a very simple list - I'm not going to give you 15 things that you need to run out and buy - only the items that I use daily. In the case of the leggings, at least two or three times a week.

* Black Leggings I'm serious about these y'all. I have three pairs and I'm wearing them at least twice a week. I'm sure everyone out there has leggings by now, but if you don't or you are on the hunt for more, Invest in a decent pair. Lululemon if you can, but if not, Carly has a good guide on the dos and don'ts that will keep you looking haute.

I wear mine with everything from sandals, ballet and Tory flats, to cowboy boots. You can pair them with anything! They dress up or down depending on shoes and top.

* Heavy-Duty Exfoliator I can't tell you how much a good exfoliator does for skin. I really think that keeping my skin exfoliated is what allows me to go without makeup if I want. It just keeps you looking bright and fresh. If I skip mine for awhile, I can really tell a difference.

Right now I'm really loving Miracle Skin Transformer, and I was recently given a Mary Kay Microderm sample which worked well. When I'm not using something fairly heavy-duty, I use my Clarisonic every other day or so. On the off days, I use St. Ives Apricot Scrub.

* BB Cream I talked about BB Cream in another post and my love for it has only grown since then. I've had several friends tell me they bought some based on my recommendation and also love it. No concealer, moisturizer, SPF or powder needed. Just slap it on with some mascara and go! Instant skin picker-upper.

* Great Lip Gloss You don't need to have a hundred pricey glosses, but one or two awesome ones mixed in with all of the usual suspects will give you quite a bit to work with. I'm only wearing one gloss at the moment. One. At all. And I am typically addicted to lip gloss. I just ran out and never replenished.

I've been wearing Dior Addict in Flash for about four years, since my mother in law gifted it for Christmas. Flash was recently discontinued and replaced with Rouge Defendu. I'm sure I'll pick some up.  I also really like Clinique's Glosswear, but I'm all out of it right now.

What are your mommy must haves? And has anyone tried Rodan + Fields? I'm dying to give it a shot, but it's pretty $$$ and I can't find any helpful reviews online. 

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