Cute & Quick Summer Hair Updo

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I don't want to talk about Houston weather. It's crazy. It was in the 80s last week then 50s over the weekend. You all know I live for the summer time - hey, if I want cold rain and snow I'll take a ski vacation! But with summertime comes breaking out into a sweat every time I walk outside, and the need for quick hair styles that can take moms from carpool to swimming pool in a second.

Since my last post about my haircut, I've started liking the cut more. It's grown out enough for me to do my favorite fast updo, which I've been wanting to blog about for awhile. I've just never had anyone handy to take a pic of the back of my head. This works for me now with shoulder-length hair and I used it all the time when my hair was long. It was perfect for looking put together for work. I even hot roll my hair first for volume, then do this, for weddings and galas. It's pretty much my go-to style for any cocktail attire or dressier event. It's also a great style for those gross days when you don't have time or desire to wash your hair.

First step: Pull your hair in a ponytail and pull it through a second or third time, leaving the ends caught in the elastic to make a loop. You know - the 'do for most workouts. If your hair is longer, you can experiment with size of loop and which "direction" you want the ends to point. You can pull your hair back tighter for a sleeker look; lately I've been leaving mine loose and messy for everyday wear. This photo was taken after a workout...just noticed my hair looks kind of....unwashed.

Second step: Use your fingers to make a split in the ponytail, right above the elastic.

Third Step: Push the bun through the split. You can experiment with how far to push it through. It gives a nice twist to the sides of your hair, which looks great with a sleek pull-back for fancier days. I like it loose and wavy like this for pool days and especially for being outdoors (say, drinking margaritas?) on a windy day.