April Birchbox Contents Review - Spoiler Alert

The gals at Birchbox finally read my blog and got my plea for no more perfume samples. I think this box was my favorite of the three I've received. This month's box was curated by Women'sHealth magazine, so included things that are "good for you".

And as if I needed another reason to absolutely love Birchbox, I got an email today letting me know I would be receiving a totally free extra box in May's mail. A special one curated by Salma Hayek.

Hail Merry Macaroons - Ewww! Just no. I took one bite of these and just couldn't eat any more - and I'm a person who will usually eat all of something just because it is candy. They are gluten free and vegan, which might appeal to some people. The macaroons tasted like a much too chocolately cookie dough with  a strange texture. I just really prefer to get more beauty products and less candy in my Birchbox. Unless it's a Jelly Belly, I'll eat all the Jelly Bellies I can get my hands on! Would I spend my own $ on it: Absolutely not.

Skin&Co Made in Rome Sicilian Body Gel - I'm not really a fan of getting body wash samples. I get a lot of L'Occitane and Philosophy body washes as gifts from my mom so I don't really need any more to try. This one was really nice though. I'm a sucker for anything made in Italy and this scent really reminds me of the little hotel soaps I used there. Would I spend my own $ on it: Sure, if I needed a body wash.
Oribe Shampoo and Conditioner for Beautiful Color - I had heard of this brand but never used it, but it came just in perfect time since I recently got my hair highlighted and wasn't using a shampoo specifically for color. Birchbox sent two samples of each and since my hair is short, they are lasting a long time for me. The only thing I really ask of in a shampoo and conditioner set is that it gives me volume. This set from Oribe doesn't disappoint and I'm glad that I found something I like that will protect my "investment" in my hair. Would I spend my own $ on it: Yep! I will probably buy some when my samples run out.

Supergoop CC Cream Daily SPF Self-Adjusting Shade - This is like a tinted cream for your face, but not really a tinted moisturizer. I found that I needed to wear a separate moisturizer under it and that it tended to go on quite dry. It was also harder to blend and was like an actual foundation...because I got those lines on my hairline and jaw since I'm not used to having to blend something this pigmented. It didn't offer as much coverage as BB cream but did more than most tinted moisturizers I've tried. This was a very small sample but is lasting a surprisingly long time for me. Would I spend my own $ on it: No, I'm going to stick to wearing my fave combo of SPF moisturizer + BB cream or Laura Mercier moisturizer. 

StriVectin-SD Eye Concentrate for Wrinkles (not the same as photo above) - This is the true winner and probably why I love this month's Birchbox so much! It's an eye cream that is suggested to use morning and night. Promises to help with wrinkles, moisture and dark circles. I've only been using it a few days and I can already tell a difference. My eyes don't look as dry as before and when I wake up, the area around them (and therefore, my eyes) look a lot brighter. It's also not heavy feeling and doesn't collect my mascara under my eyes like most daytime eye creams I've tried. The sample says it's a two week sample, but I can alrady tell it's going to last longer for me. Would I spend my own $ on it: Absolutely! I plan on buying as soon as my sample runs out.

Disclaimer: My subscription was a gift from a friend, nothing free from Birchbox. I'm not required to blog about it in order to receive the subscription. If you click on my Birchbox link above to subscribe, I will receive a few Birchbox points which, if I collect enough, can use in the store to get $10 off a purchase.
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