March Birchbox Contents!! And an update on paint colors

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My awesome, awesome friend Ashley gifted me with a Birchbox subscription. It's the perfect gift for me - something I've wanted to get for myself and just never got around to buying  When she gave it to me, she said "Maybe you could blog about it" which I kind of took as a hint to stop neglecting my blog!

Last month's box was pretty awesome (product reviews to come). I wanted to give a quick post to let you all know what is in the March box and I'll do a review once I've had time to try everything out.

  • Benetint by Benefit - I already know I like this for lips. I'm going to hunt for YouTube videos to see how to best use it on my cheeks. It's a pretty big sample size!
  • Stella Cadente Perfume by Miss Me - I absolutely despise Miss Me jeans, so I'm sure that will make me not like the perfume...but I'll still try it out just in case.
  • Whish by Shave Crave - A really good size sample of blueberry scented shaving cream! It smells sooo good. We are going out of town next weekend & I'm so happy about getting this sample so I don't have to take a full-size shaving cream.
  • Twistband headband - I have a bunch of Twistband ponytail holders and I know what I think about them. I'll reserve my thoughts for a review of the actual headband. ;)
  • Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant by Elizabeth Arden - I got two packets of this. Apparently it is the cream designed by Ms. Arden herself that pretty much started the line.
  • Madewell - Madewell designed a cute nail file (full size) and also included $25 off a $75 purchase which I plan on putting to good use.

I will say that if you are looking for a gift for someone difficult to buy for a Birchbox subscription ($10 per month, can't beat that) is perfect. I really am loving getting to try tons of products that I might not even think to buy for myself. You could also get that friend a perfect Kate Spade bracelet - thanks again, so much, Ashley! update on the paint. We went with the darker color on the post below. Y'all. It looks purple. Now looking at the photo I posted, it kind of looks purple there. Anyway, long story short, we got the whole downstairs painted, I hated it all along but wanted to see if it would grow on me. It didn't. So I'm working with our painter to find the color that will give me the feel we are looking for. I have a dining table full of paint decks, hundreds of sample cards, plus a few shades already painted in the kitchen. If you are in the Houston area and need a painter or need help with the paint-design process but don't want to drop cash on a designer/decorator, please contact me. I highly recommend Marcia!

I know why it ended up being "wrong". I wanted a dark blue-grey. David was afraid of going too dark (which Marcia says with the lighting in our house there is no such thing as too dark). I didn't feel passionately enough to make it a war point - I mean, we have an entire house to decorate. But this time it's entirely up to me...hope I don't screw it up again!

Oh! And to those of you who were kind enough to follow me on Instagram...I just recently figured out how to approve followers so I am working through that. It's a lot of clicking on the phone!