Pinterest Meal Planning

When I first started on Pinterest, I pinned recipes left and right. I finally stopped because I was cluttering up my Pinterest boards with things I'd never get around to doing. (Side note: Isn't that the whole point of Pinterest?)

I was complaining to my friend Melissa about my predicament and she shared with me her absolute genius method for pinning and making sure she tries out the recipes she pins.

She pins all recipes to her Recipe Board. She has over 700 recipes to try - this girl is going to be in the kitchen all year, y'all.

Every week, she chooses the recipes that she's going to make and moves them to her board for This Week's Meals. This was the most genius part to me. No more gathering up recipes at the last minute when you're running late on making dinner. She just goes right to her board and pulls them up.

If her family loves the meal, it gets moved to a board of Favorites. She doesn't have to spend an hour googling for that favorite marinara sauce she made three months ago, like me. I never end up finding the exact recipe I'm looking for. Anything that doesn't make the cut gets deleted.

I love this method of using Pinterest to meal plan! Do you have any favorite tips for keeping your Pinterest boards organized or making yourself actually do some of the things you pin?

You can follow Melissa's boards here. She has a degree in interior design and is building a new home and has a baby girl, so as you can imagine she has some fun things pinned!
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