I Need Help with Paint Colors

I need your help! We started with seven paint samples and finally narrowed it down to two. We are having a hard time choosing between them, so I thought I'd ask for advice here.

Here's a little bit about the areas we are painting:
  • Entry (40-ish ft ceiling), dining and living (20 ft) are all very spacious and get good light for the most part.
  • Ceilings and trim will be bright white with either color.
  • Furnitre is all very clean lines (living couch and chairs) and traditional (accent tables, dining). Our couch and one chair are dark brown stretched leather, you can see in the photo above and we have a blue and white seersucker armchair.
  • Very thick moulding and dark brown stained wood floors in all of the areas.
Now, here are my thoughts. I love the very open, airy and beachy feel (without actually decorating with beachy knick-knacks like seashells and coral), and I think the lighter blue-grey goes best with that. But I also want our downstairs area (it's a toy-free zone) to have an elegant feel, which I think would be more difficult to achieve with the lighter, especially with the seersucker chair. I love it, but I think it will tend to look more casual with a beachier feel.

I plan to decorate with mercury glass and mother of pearl accent items. You can see my Home Pinterest boards for a good idea of my taste.

Darker color is Sherwin Williams Ellie Grey, we had it in our previous living room and I loved it.

What color do you think we should go with? I'm ready to get it done - these swatches have been on the wall for two weeks!

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