Happy Valentine's Day & Dollar Store Gift Ideas!

How has it taken me 32 28 years to discover the Everything's A Dollar store???  My friend Jessica is always finding gems there, but then again Jess can probably find a gem in a trash dumpster.

Usually when I drop Georgia off at Children's Day Out, if I don't go to the gym I browse the Dollar Store. (Which means I pretty much browse the Dollar Store every time. Going to the gym happens in that fantasy life I live in.)

Last week during one of my browsing escapades I came across silly string. I loved the stuff as a kid and thought Georgia would have fun watching me spray it across the yard. Then a Valentine's Day card line came to my head so I picked up eight more cans for her classmates.  Picked up a couple spools of curling ribbon...  Voilà! Valentine's Day is done for $1 per child!

I put a tutu on her and headed outside today for thirty seconds (it was cold and she was sick) to snap this photo with our hydrangeas (aren't they looking great?!?). I edited to add some clip art and borders in different shades of pink then printed them at CVS.

The teachers and director are getting the same photo with "I'm Shooting For Brownie Points" and a cupid clip art. I had three dimensional scrapbooking heart stickers left over from a Valentine's Day craft that I made three years ago. I made it to look like Georgia is holding the heart and cupid is shooting it. The brownie mix was $2 at CVS. Fortunately they had some when I stopped in to print the photos - I bought the last three boxes!

I made really cute Valentine's with Georgia's photo last year and I wanted to keep up the theme while she's still too small to choose her own classroom gifts. Last year she wore the flower on a headband - it wouldn't fit this year so she wore it as a pin instead. The flower pin and hydrangeas matched the layers of her tutu perfectly!
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