Amazon Deals for Lazy People

I just might have reached a new low of laziness.

Today I signed up to have tampons delivered right to my doorstep.

Let me back up and explain. I despise going to Wal-Mart. Not because the people of Wal-Mart, we live in a decently nice area and I never see anything too bad there. I despise Wal-Mart because there are 42 cash registers but at any given time there are only five of them open. Lines are long and I just don't have the patience for it.

Target isn't too much of a better option with the long lines, but my beef with Target is that every time I visit, I come out with $100 less in my checking account. I always say that Target charges admission because there is no way to make it out of there without spending more than $50. I just have major problems sticking to my list, so I just avoid Target.

I've been using Amazon's Subscribe & Save feature for diapers and wipes since Georgia was born, and I recently started price-checking their items every time we ran out of household goods. You do have to buy a bit in bulk, but nothing like shopping at Costco. I also only buy items that don't spoil, like paper goods and cleaning supplies.

I did kind of do quick estimates and the prices are always equal to or less than local store sale prices. I go buy the "price per use" - for example, at Target I don't buy 100 dishwasher pacs, but Amazon's prices per pac beats Target's price. I'm sure if you clip coupons and keep up with sales you might be able to find them for a better price, but I have neither the patience or inclination to keep up with a stash of coupons or read sale circulars.

I use the Subscribe & Save method, which is always 5-10% cheaper than the regular price. I usually end up cancelling the "subscription" and just signing up for another order when we need it. Here are the items I buy regularly:

Of course in our old house we had very little storage so I really only bought toilet paper, diapers and wipes. But now with cabinet space galore in our laundry room, pantry and garage, I can order whatever is most cost effective.

Auto delivery was an absolute life saver for me when I was a brand new mom with debilitating illness that kept me from driving or leaving the house in general for a couple of months. I was getting trash bags, dog food and treats, I think I even had body lotion delivered once!

Do you use Amazon for regular household shopping? What kind of things do you buy that I'm missing out on?

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