2013 - Bring it On!

Did you know that how you spend the first twelve days of a new year dictate how the year will be for you?  I heard that on NPR the other day and really started to think about what kind of year I want 2013 to be.  I decided to set some measurable goals for myself that will get me closer to where I want to be at the end of 2013. I've found that I do best with measurable goals with set milestones to achieve.

I want to grow in my faith and be able to pass that on to Georgia. I am setting my alarm every weekday to wake up before Georgia and give myself time to read and study my bible (I'm using A Woman After God's Own Heart and the accompanying study guide right now), pray and just spend time with the Lord.  One of my friends and favorite bloggers, Veronika, recently posted about keeping a heart of thankfulness and that is something I want to focus on, too. Even though I have my ups and downs, I am way more blessed than the average person and none of it would be possible without God.

Getting up early is also giving me time to focus and reassess what I really need to get done during the day, rather than just flying by the seat of our pants and having more on my list than I can possibly get done. I usually have a list a mile long and accomplish only a small portion of it, which leaves me feeling defeated. I want to start focusing on what really needs to get done and just do it. Today, I even had enough time to blog and pick up the house before Little Miss woke up!

My second focus, after God, needs to be my family. I have already cut back on a couple of personal commitments that I really wanted to be involved in so I can focus more on my family and responsibilities at home. There's no way to really measure this, but I think that home organization will be much easier for me when I'm spending more time at home and my mind isn't a million miles away.  Then I'll have more time and energy to focus on my family, not just what needs to get done.

Yesterday I started the year off right with a 12 week get healthy plan (I'll post more about it later). I've set small goals for myself but mainly I want to stay on track for the entire 12 weeks; but if I get off track - don't beat myself up about it. The part of "changing my lifestyle" that is so difficult for me is that if I have one unhealthy meal or day, it is so difficult to get back on track. I have a hard time jumping right back on with the next meal. I like to wait until the next day...or week. My goal is to get through 12 weeks then reassess my goals and get a plan for the next 12 weeks. Just two phases of 12 weeks each gets  me through half of the year! I am convinced I will have progress by then.

The last goal I have set for myself is growing my business. I have a spreadsheet set up of where sales need to be each week to get me where I want to be by mid-year and year-end. I also have a marketing plan that I need to spend a bit more time on.

What goals have you set for 2013? Leave a comment or a link to your post!

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