This Poor Blog!

My poor blog is so neglected!

Every time I announce that I'm getting back into the groove, life happens.  Truth be told, I just haven't felt too inspired to write lately. I've been so busy doing. Of course, there are times when I think to myself that I should document this or share that, but then the moment passes and it seems to late to backtrack.

I've been busy being a mommy. Georgia is now eighteen months old and sometimes I feel like she's going on eighteen years old! She carries a purse, and usually a Neiman Marcus bag, absolutely everywhere she goes in the house. She also wears two or three strands of Mardi Gras beads at all times. And shoes! Oh, the girl loves shoes! She will make me put pink squeaky shoes on over her footie pajamas before she will come downstairs for breakfast. Her latest love is a pair of pink cowboy boots I got her last week.

I've been busy learning how to run a household that's more than triple the size of our old one. It's much easier to keep the clutter away since everything has its own place now. But dark wood floors + two white dogs and white kitchen floor + a toddler means constant sweeping and swiffering. I'm also trying to get everything decorated. I know it can't happen overnight, but I'm always on the hunt for decor items and budgeting for the bigger projects we want to do.

My little business is keeping me busy, thankfully. I am buying my business partner out, so all of the work is on me. It's a slow but steady stream of sales, but I spend time every single day packing, shipping and responding to emails. I also have a few tax clients lined up for this spring and I'll be working with a couple of moms to run some big auctions on ebay (all kids clothes!).

I do miss writing and the sense of community and friendship from my blog readers. But I never wanted to just write for the sake of writing something. I can tell when bloggers I read are uninspired or bored and it's a huge turn off to me, as a reader.

So let's make a deal. I'll make myself sit and write for thirty minutes a day. If it's worthy writing or I think it's something you guys would like to read, I'll publish it. Thanks for sticking with me through all of the ups and downs that Haute Mommy Blog has been through in the past couple of years!

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