New Year New Me?

It is about this time every year when I start getting together my New Year's Resolutions for the coming year. I don't know what my resolutions were last year. I was lost in a sea of depression and probably wouldn't have kept any that I made, anyway.

This coming year, I have decided, is going to be the year for me. I have spent the past 19 months (29 if you count pregnancy, 33 if you count miscarriage and recovery - which wasn't really a recovery at all) with my mind and body fully devoted to another being.

I'm not complaining. I am a mommy and an infant pretty much needs every single bit of your attention.

But now that Georgia and I have this gig down pat, it's time to get back to focusing on me. We are in an awesome new home that needs to be decorated. I want to get out and make more friends. I want to be that old me, who was confident, had an awesome wardrobe and freshly trimmed hair. I want to be able to wear above-the-knee skirts and not worry about wobbly thighs.

In other words - get this momma out of her Lululemon and back into her stilettos!  I mean, I wore heels to the hospital when I was in labor, for Christ's sake. Get those babies down off of my shoe rack and back onto my feet!

I'm going to slowly but surely get back to into being Haute Mommy in 2013 and I'll try to document as much of the journey as possible. Here's what I'm thinking I have in store:

  • Make a fitness and eating lifestyle change. This one is in the works & I'm excited to tell you all about it! I'm tired of feeling lazy and not being physically active, and we have DiGiorno way too often around here!
  • Somehow overhaul my wardrobe on a very tight budget. I'll probably only be able to buy a few things a month, but I want them to be things that I will LOVE and wear often. I'm also going to purge my closet of all the things I don't see myself wearing anytime soon.
  • Get back to seeing my stylist, Stephanie, more often. I am in absolute love with this hair color and I just emailed it to her to see how she thinks it will look on me.

What about you? Do you have any resolutions yet? I'd love to hear them!

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