Movie Review: Jack Reacher

Just to give you a little background, the last movie I saw in the theater was The Help. Before that, it was Paranormal Activity. So to say I don't frequent the movies is an understatement. I just don't have the patience to sit through a whole movie. I'd rather be multi-tasking and I always get uncomfortable. Even watching via Netflix at home, I don't sit through an entire movie.

Anyway...David's parents were in town between Christmas and the New Year, so I insisted David and I go on a date pretty much every night. I begrudgingly agreed to a movie, but only if I got to choose it. I'm such a fun date, huh?

I don't do "unrealistic" or "futuristic" movies, and I wasn't in the mood for a romantic comedy or anything involving family or kids (is that a sign I need to get out more? So glad I'm focusing on ME in 2013!). I wasn't excited about the cast in Jack Reacher when I saw it starred Tom Cruise, but the story sounded like something I would really like. I love war and sniper movies.

The first ten minutes really disturbed me, in light of the recent Newtown school shooting. I had heard that they delayed the premiere of the movie out of respect for Newtown, but there was still a small part that I thought was in poor taste in light of the events, and I really wish that it had been cut. Since becoming a mom I really just can't bear to watch things involving children.

That aside, and a car chase that I thought really went on too long (I should have taken a bathroom break during it), I thought the movie was excellent. As much as Tom Cruise really creeps me out, he is a very talented actor and I left the theater not hating him as much. I love movies with a little action and a plot that makes me think; anything with a conspiracy theory is a plus. (One of my favorite books is Conspiracy Theories, you should check it out!)

I won't give you a synopsis since you can check it out on Fandango, but I will say that Jack Reacher had enough action to satisfy guys, enough whodunit without overly complicating things, and just a hint of possible romance. That part was a major plus for me since I can't even watch Top Gun anymore because I'm so skeeved out by Tom.

If you have a babysitter handy, this movie is a good date for $20 (and another $20 on concessions, WTF?).
What's the best $20 $40 date you've had lately?

Also of note: I created a Pinterest Board, From My Closet, where I plan on pinning photos of clothes I already own. Hopefully this will encourage me to find different ways of styling them.

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