What is Postpartum Depression?

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week, so I wanted to dedicate a post to something that's not really talked about in the circle of blogs I read. Today I am sharing information from Sherry Duson and The Center for Postpartum Health in hopes that it will even reach one new mom who needs it.

Did you know that the number one sign of postpartum depression is not being able to sleep when the baby sleeps? Being so tired but just not able to fall asleep and rest. Did you also know that postpartum anxiety and OCD are very common? I didn't know any of this. My OB, although wonderful, didn't share it and nobody talks about some of the unpleasantness that can come along with being a new mother, because everything is supposed to be perfect.

If you have any of these symptoms, or your baby blues last past your baby's six-week birthday, please contact a counselor or doctor associated with PSI. If you are in Houston, Sherry leads a great weekly postpartum support group.

  • Anger & irritability
  • Lack of interest in baby and hobbies
  • Loss of appetite
  • Crying and sadness (despite what everyone says, baby blues don't always go away without help)
  • Feelings of guilt, shame or hopelessness
  • Constant worry or racing thoughts
  • Inability to sit still; dizziness, hot flashes and nausea
  • Fear of being left alone with your baby or thoughts you may harm yourself

It's definitely not talked about, but you can always email me to chat.

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