Picky Toddler Eating Habits and a Vlog

Georgia will try anything I give her to eat. She puts it in her mouth, chews, then hands it back to me with a look of such disgust on her face a bystander might think I fed her poison.

I am trying to raise an adventurous eater who doesn't have the typical picky toddler eating habits, but I fear I am failing!

*Insert cute video of Georgia not eating spaghetti here - YouTube was being a pain on my uploading*

I always said I will never make separate meals for my kids. Although I do make her try a bite of whatever it is I am eating, her differing meal times (lunch at 1 after a nap, her largest meal at 4) make it easy for me to prepare little toddler meals for her.

Georgia loves pancakes for breakfast, sliced turkey breast and hummus sandwich for lunch and peanut butter sandwiches and cheese for dinner. Snacks are goldfish crackers (of the baked whole grain variety), Kashi cereal, yogurt or hummus and crackers. She's very particular about food textures and won't eat anything mushy, like fruit, no matter how good it tastes. Occasionally, she gets a Kashi brand Nutri-Grain bar for her snack, and I send fruit and veggie go packs to school.

At least she's easy to grocery shop for, since her food choices are so limited!

What do you feed your picky toddler?

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