Good Morning Little School Girl

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Today is Georgia's first full day at St. Luke's Day School. Two weeks ago she had a meet the teacher and playdate event with half the class. Last week she stayed in her classroom with the other seven students (and her two teachers) for three hours to get acclimated.

Last week wasn't a big deal, she was happy to stay and play. This morning, I know she could sense we were at the school. She wanted to be held and carried and was extra clingy to me. We got inside the classroom and all was well until another baby started crying.

Georgia is very sympathetic...any time she hears another baby cough or cry, she imitates. This morning was no different! She started a full on wailing, red-faced cry with her little mouth turned completely upside down. Mrs. Evans picked her up and carried her around while I put her snacks in the snack bin and hung her lunch kit. Georgia didn't reach for me, but she just kept looking at me so pitifully and crying! 

I guess Mrs. Evans needed to give me a clue. She carried Georgia over and said, "Your mommy is going to give you a hug and a kiss and she will be back later today." Kissing her little red forehead and leaving while she was crying so hard was one of the hardest things I've had to do!

I'm sure she was fine by the time I got out the door! I had several errands to run, so spent the first three hours at the furniture store, Target, and browsing at the mall. Now I'm home and able to have lunch and write a blog post all in one sitting! I'll get in a quick workout and shower (complete with hair and makeup!) before I go to pick her up.

It's amazing how quickly I can shower now. Before having Georgia, 15 minutes was the minimum, and that was really pushing it. Now a fifteen minute shower feels like a luxury! I'm sure that giving myself a real blowout and putting on more than mascara will feel like a day at the spa!