Georgia's First Swim Lessons at Houston Swim Club

After our whole house was hit with the sick bug Thursday through Sunday, we needed something fun to look forward to Monday morning. Georgia's first swim class at Houston Swim Club was a blast!  I wasn't sure how she would handle the water as we've only gone to water parks and she hasn't been in a pool in a long time. She was a huge fan of the water, our little Starfish!
Ms. Karen was great with the babies. There was one other student in the class, he is a full month younger than Georgia but will be moving up to the next class next week. So we will have private swim lessons with Ms. Karen until another baby enrolls in the Starfish class or she graduates.
All of the learning was made into a game with songs, clapping and even sign language (which, I have to admit, I never bothered working on with Georgia).  For example, he babies sit on and then fall off the wall into the water while we sing humpty dumpty. In the first photo below, Ms. Karen is singing the ABCs while helping Georgia learn to float across the pool.
It's so important to me for Georgia to learn to swim. I never learned to swim well and was always terrified of the water as a child, due to some pretty terrifying swim lessons. Hopefully since we've started her early in a fun environment she will be more comfortable in the water.

Learning to float on her back.

Learning to blow bubbles. I'm not sure why I'm also blowing bubbles...

I was amazed that she held onto the barbells and swam all by herself by kicking her legs on the first try.

More bubbles!

So happy singing the motorboat song!

These bubbles can put a girl to sleep!

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