Best Laid Plans

I hate it when my best laid plans don't work out.

I was so excited for Bible Study to start again. So excited that I got everything ready last night, from Georgia's diaper bag and snack box, to our outfits. I showered and made sure that my hair would require minimal work. I set the alarm and gave us a 30 minute buffer for getting out of the house on time.

I woke up this morning before I needed to, which is rare. Got my coffee, made Georgia a hot breakfast and had some playtime with her before getting us dressed. I loaded myself down with her bag and carseat and started to my car to turn the AC on before taking Georgia out.

My keys were nowhere to be found. After wasting almost our entire buffer time looking for them (I don't have an extra set - at all), I remembered that I put them in David's car yesterday. I knew there wasn't enough time for him to drive home to drop off my keys and for us to make it to Bible Study in time.

I don't mind being late for Bible Study, but I got a little irritated at myself for being that person at the very first session. I'm usually that person who is running late for everything, but I thought I'd planned well enough not to this time.

I had to stop and ask myself why in the world would God make me late for Bible Study, of all things? I never did figure out the answer to that one, and I also didn't make it to Bible study. David was in a meeting and couldn't leave the office at all until lunch.  I'm still trying to figure out the why - maybe it was to show me that no matter how well I plan, I'm still not the one ultimately in charge.
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