Hola From the 'Burbs!

We closed on our new house last week, almost a week later than expected but otherwise hassle free. We are replacing tile with wood floors in the ground floor of the house which means we can't move in just yet. Our little bungalow is bursting at the seams with all of our belongings packed and ready to move. Our family is living out of boxes, literally. I had to go to Target and buy Gladware because I couldn't find any storage containers in the hundreds of boxes in our house. Mail and packages are already getting delivered to the new house, so Georgia and I make daily trips to pick up mail and explore our new neighborhood.

While I wait for our move, I'm busy pinning ideas on Pinterest. I will be decorating on a budget, so the house will come together slowly, most likely room by room. You can follow along and give me your ideas on my Pinterest boards. I read all comments and try to respond!

  • Ideas for Georgia's Playroom - a huge room that only has two real walls (other walls are banisters)
  • Guest Room Decor Ideas - the grandparents are happy that they'll have two bedrooms connected by a Jack & Jill bathroom
  • Ideas for Master Bedroom Closet organization - I currently have a walk-in closet that is a complete disaster area. I'm determined that the next one will never get to this level of disorganization
  • More Home Organization Ideas
  • Living Room Decorating Ideas - I love very traditional looks and dark furniture mixed with shades of blue and cream 
  • Home Office - I'll have my own office for Haute Smocks business. I want the decor to be whimsical while still keeping the room organized and free of clutter.
  • Master Bath - our bathroom has dark stone floors and white cabinetry. First on the list is replacing brassy gold hardware. I love all white bathrooms, but my current bathroom is all white and a real pain to keep clean. It pretty much requires daily sweeping and mopping because every little hair and particle of dust shows.
  • Laundry Room - I am obsessed with making my new laundry room (currently I just have a little tiny space) a place where I won't mind spending time folding laundry. Current mode of operation is to run the dryer over and over to avoid folding!

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