An Outing with Pop-Pop

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Sunday afternoon, Pop-Pop took us to lunch at one of his favorite places in town. And showed us around the place he spends most of his free time - the Robert Trent Jones golf course at Magnolia Grove.

Georgia ignored her PB&J in favor of all the saltines in sight. She also had fun using a straw and a big girl cup since I forgot her sippy cup at home.

The highlight of Georgia's day by far was getting to drive the golf cart. I wish I could have videoed her squeals of glee as they drove around the loop toward me.

Pop-Pop promised to get Georgia her very own set of (pink!) golf clubs when she started walking all by herself. They have been practicing it all day long! Walking means my baby is no longer a baby but a full-blown toddler, so mommy really prefers that we wait as long as possible on those clubs!

Georgia's dress is Gymboree, shoes are Sunsan. My jeans are J-Brand, top is Limited.)