No More Haute Mommy in the City

I thought I'd always be a city girl. Hated the suburbs. Wanted to shake my friends back into reality when they made the move to the 'burbs. Prided myself on not owning a toll tag because I never drove outside the loop. Made fun of Olive Garden and Red Lobster.

So it's with great trepidation that I have to admit to you, my dear readers, that by the end of August I will be a suburban dweller.

After our house got robbed (yes robbed! they stole every single item of jewelry I own except my wedding ring and push present Celebration ring that I was wearing) we started seriously thinking about what our priorities in life are. Not surprisingly, they seem to have changed a bit since having a baby!

Strangely enough, living less than 10 minutes from the Galleria is no longer at the top of my list.

While we want to live near great shopping and original restaurants, David and I also know that we want Georgia to grow up walking or biking to school with her friends. I want to have space for our extended families to come stay for the holidays. I found myself longing a bit for the type of suburban lifestyle that I'd previously always thought of as boring.

I won't bore you with the details of our house hunt, but we found the perfect house for our little family and will be closing in mid-August!

There are some great stores nearby, namely the outlet stores for both Saks and Nordstrom so hopefully I can still stay stylish (for less dinero, yay!). While I'm not going to turn into a decor or renovation blog, expect some house related posts in the future.

What about you - are you living the lifestyle you always imagined for yourself?
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