First Birthday Party - A Pink & Red Low-Country Boil

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I'm one of those gals who is really big on ideas but not so great at putting them into action. I had been planning Georgia's first birthday party in my head since way before she was born. Literally before I even knew I was going to have a girl, I dreamed up a pink and white dress with a certain type of crab. So I knew I wanted this to be her first birthday party dress!

Fortunately, I got in touch with Kayleigh at Embellished Events and she helped me implement my ideas into one fantastic party! I literally showed her the dress (by Haute Smocks, of course!) and gave her a five minute verbal brain dump of what I wanted. She started a Pink White & Red Crab Party Pinterest Board and that was that!

I did everything on a budget (more to come on that later) but definitely wouldn't have been able to pull it off without Embellished Events or my wonderful family! 

Enjoy these photos by Teri Mills Photography.
I'm planning a post to go into further details about the party, so leave a comment if you have any specific questions and I'll be sure to answer them.