Breastfeeding & Losing Baby Weight

I'm finally getting around to answering some more of your questions (see these links for stay at home mom related questions and blogging related questions).

Are you still breastfeeding?  How long do you plan to?  What about weaning?

For the record, Georgia is almost fourteen months old and still nurses anywhere from two to four times a day. From about four months until eleven months we supplemented with one bottle of formula a day, sometimes more if we were traveling or she stayed with a sitter.  Only in the past week has she been interested in any table foods other than Cheerios, bread and cheese. Now she eats pretty much anything the adults at the table are eating.

I plan to breastfeed until she is ready to stop, which I think will be in the next couple of months. The only time she nurses for more than a couple minutes is first thing in the morning. Lately she has only been nursing for a few minutes and wanting to eat waffles or cereal for her real breakfast. She usually tries to nurse off and on during the day when she's thirsty - when we're playing outside or she's been really active. I typically just give her a cup of water and she is happy with that, so I think it's getting close.

I'll be sad when she weans! It will mean she's a little less baby and much more toddler.

Do you fear gaining back some weight when you stop breastfeeding?  (I personally am very nervous about this, I have gotten attached to those extra calories while staying under my pre pregnancy weight.)

It hadn't crossed my mind, but now you have me paranoid about it! 

Even though Georgia has cut way back on nursing, I am still famished all the time and eat a lot! I think that as she gets older she is way more active and I burn so many calories just chasing her around. I still eat what I want and haven't gained, so I'm not really concerned with gaining when she fully weans.

I look at her as my 12 hour a day workout and I don't have to pay for a gym.

Losing weight post baby!

Since I had some complications, I was on IV fluids and left the hospital a few pounds heavier than when I went in. I'm the only person I know who can gain weight delivering an 8 lb baby!

I'll be honest with you - I lost a lot of weight quickly, like 20 lbs in a couple of weeks or less. I developed an infection in my stomach and stomach lining so I couldn't keep down what little food I was able to eat. It wasn't pleasant, it went on for months and had me in and out of the hospital and ER constantly. I wouldn't wish it upon anyone and it definitely wasn't a fun way to lose weight.

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