Sweet Home Alabama

Georgia and I took an extended trip to visit Grandpa and Mimi Munn.  While we were there, they got new names since Georgia is now talking...they are now Pop Pop and Ne-Ne!

It was so fun for Georgia to sleep in her Daddy's old room, eat from his high chair and read his books.  Especially since Ne-Ne didn't make us use our table manners.

This is definitely Daddy's book alright!

I literally spent hours outside in the swing reading while Georgia got in some quality time with her grandparents.  They have gorgeous property with amazing views, plants and birds.  It is so incredibly peaceful!

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  1. That last pic of y'all is so sweet!! :)

  2. HI, I saw your link on Kelly's Korner. We live in central Houston and I have a one year old as well and a three year old. Message me if you want to meet up or something.

  3. Such a cute little girl! Looks like a fun trip

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