Birthday Fortune

While looking for something in the closet at David's parents' house, I found an old, little leather-bound book. Of course my curiosity got the best of me so I got it out for a look.

It is a fortune telling birthday book and was originally published in 1938.  I read my fortune and it describes me pretty well!

You are exceedingly honest and frank as well as determined and energetic, but you are apt to use your energy in the wrong direction. You are cheerful and witty, good company and a general favorite. You love your family and are dearly loved by them.

Then I read David's and it described him perfectly.  Then I read Georgia's and it already described her little personality!  Studious, serious, loves reading. Maybe there is something to be said about these old wives' tales.  

I've always believed in birth order characteristics and fit "first born" to a tee.  I've also occasionally not gotten along well with other first borns and have had the most love success with middles and youngests, which is all part of the characteristics. 

Now I'm quite intrigued by all of this! Any other interesting things like birth order or birthday fortune telling that I should know about?

You can buy the real deal on Etsy or reprints and kindle versions of the original Fortune Telling Birthday Book here.

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  1. Do tell me mine!?!?
    Feb 7 1980
    and maybe Jacks too?
    June 25 2009
    oh heck how about Kevin May 20 1977

    THANK YOU!!! And how fun!?!?!?!

  2. Wow... interesting!! I have never heard of this before. But I definitely believe in birth order personalities. My husband and I are both first borns and we totally feel each other's pain. LOL.

    Well while you're at it, what does it say about me? June 3 1983

  3. If you're interested in birth order, check out The Birth Order Book by Kevin Lehman. It's fascinating, though I think he harbors some resentment towards firsts and onlies. Hahah. I'm an only, and he calls us "super firstborns," as in first borns gone extreme.

    Eh, I don't disagree. :)

  4. hi - I like your blog. Would you be able to post what it says for January 29?

  5. We read The Birth Order book for our book club. It was pretty interesting and true for most of us. I am typical younger child and my husband is a typical first born so it works for us. :)