Answers to Your Stay At Home Mom Questions

I went shopping and pulled out some of my old spring standbys this weekend.  I was all set to do a Haute Mommy Monday post with some real live pictures rather than the Polyvore sets.

Buuuut, I wasn't in a single photo we took this weekend!  I'm quite bummed about it because it was Georgia's first Easter and my figure/wardrobe, makeup and hair were all looking great (at least in the photos!)- it's not that often I get that trifecta!  Oh well.  It's definitely not about me anymore, and I am 100% okay with letting Georgia steal the spotlight!

I'll answer some more of the questions you asked, and I hope you don't mind the random photos of sprinkled throughout!  As always, feel free to comment or email me.

Who could bear to leave these cheeks for even an hour?

Will you ever go back to work?
I always saw work as an obligation rather than something I enjoyed or even liked.  I always based how much I liked my job at the time on how well I liked the people I worked with.  It honestly never occurred to me that some people actually like what they do all day!

David would mention that he liked his work and I’d roll my eyes.  I couldn’t fathom why some of my girlfriends were actually choosing to go back to their jobs when they didn’t have to.  Isn’t work just something you do because a) you don’t have a kid yet, therefore no excuse to stay home or b) you need the money?

Hindsight is 20/20, and I can honestly say that I was in the wrong industry.  I’ve always worked in the oil and gas industry because it's lucrative, but it didn’t interest me at all.  Some people are fascinated with the whole process and the numbers that go along with it.  I couldn’t have cared less.  No matter how much my company produced or how many costs were saved, I still paid $3.59 at the pump.  What I was doing wasn’t impacting anyone, and I was one single person at one of the world’s larges companies so even the work I was doing wasn’t really impacting the company.

I do love analysis and statistics and numbers and business processes.  Just last month I took on a couple of clients (small business and personal) who I’m helping with their taxes and bookkeeping.  I have to know their whole business from start to finish in order to properly do my work.  And any number I input or advice I give directly impacts them, in a big way.

I worked for twelve hours one day and didn’t even notice I was working! Is this why some of my friends choose to go back to work? Because they like what they do?

I’ve also always had a bit of entrepreneurial spirit. I’ve been doing a couple of hours of work each day on our smocked children’s clothing business and having a lot of fun with it.  Sure, there are parts I don’t care for (inventory, for example) but I love marketing, talking to designers and figuring out how many more we need to sell to break even.

Hopefully if the “time” ever comes for me to head back to work, I’ll be able to do something I really enjoy.  And hopefully Haute Smocks will turn into something more than just a fun hobby for me and Brittney!  

One of our Haute Smocks originals, cute even though my model wouldn't crack a smile.

What’s the worst thing about not having a job?
Not having to be accountable for my day and time, hands down.  I haven’t worked in almost a year, and I am still in the mode where I feel like I am playing hooky from school.  I wake up each day and want to stay in my PJs, eat really unhealthy meals & snacks and just generally be lazy.  Kind of like my whole life is a mental health day.  

It’s difficult for me to fathom that this is my day-to-day now, not just a random day here and there.  I feel much more confident in myself and just all around better the days when I go to get some exercise, run errands or hang out with friends and don’t check in on my email too much.

What is your routine like now that you are a SAHM?
This is my biggest struggle so far (goes hand in hand with the last question), and I’d REALLY love any advice you have to offer!  Please comment or email on this one, I'd love it if you did.

I struggle constantly with how much time should be allocated to dedicated play with Georgia (she is happy to get independent play every day, but how much is too much?) vs. keeping up the house and household errands vs. meeting up with our friends and just having a jolly good time vs. time for myself and my own hobbies.  It’s definitely not an exaggeration to say that it’s always on my mind!

Ideally, I’d love to get up and have my breakfast and coffee before Georgia wakes up.  I just feel like I get a better start to the day when I am refreshed when I get her out of bed.  In actuality, this might happen once a week.

I’ve been meaning to do one of those photo posts, which would make this much more interesting…but usually she wakes up between 8-8:30.  She nurses and we play on my bed (usually her climbing on “pillow towers”) for 30-45 minutes.  Then breakfast at the table.

After breakfast, I get Georgia dressed and she plays while I check email or make phone calls.  We call my mom every single day, too! After that, it’s off to read some books then a nap.  She always naps at least an hour, sometimes two or three.  I use this time to shower and get dressed myself, then tidy up around the house and prep for any errands we need to get done.

I eat lunch around 11, when Georgia wakes up she nurses then has lunch around 1-1:30.  After lunch we usually either leave to run errands, play with toys in her room or go outside to swing.  Then she plays by herself (lately it’s crawling or “reading” books to the dogs) while I either do some housework or Haute Smocks work.  Around 3, she goes down for another nap.  After that we walk to the park.  Then it’s home to start dinner and wait for Daddy to get home from work.  

I promise I'll explain this when the time is right! For now, enjoy my bouffant.

Have you had to follow a much tighter budget since you have been a SAHM and has it been hard to adjust?
Not really.  There are things we naturally spend less on since I/we are at home with the baby more.  I used to eat out for lunch 3-5 days a week, now it’s once or twice; not as many happy hours either!  Unless it’s a date night, the restaurants we visit are less fancy which  usually means a lot less spendy than before.  We didn’t go to as many charity galas/events this season; we both selected a couple that are important to us, but only ended up attending one, which was for Georgia's nursery school.  I rarely drink anymore (just my personal preference), we used to always have an open bottle of wine or champagne, but now we just get our two bottles from wine of the month club.

With all of that said…we did plan for years for me to be a SAHM.  We always knew I would, even before we were married.  I made a great salary when I was working, so over the five years we’ve been married we saved and invested a lot.  We were basically living only on David’s salary and saving mine.  Since we were used to essentially only one income, the budget cutbacks we’ve made do allow us to still save and invest while keeping up our former lifestyle for the most part.  We also only have our mortgage debt; no car loans, credit cards or anything else which makes it pretty easy to only spend what we’re bringing in, since we’re not paying for any previous purchases.

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