You Asked For it, Part 2 - Blogging & Random Facts

Do you have any blogging friends turned real friends?
Just a couple.  Most of my “real life” friends (people I hang out with offline, chat with on the phone, that kind of stuff) with blogs - I was friends with before either of us were blogging, and there are a few who started blogs after I met them.  99% of my friends do not have blogs.  And probably like 90% of them don’t read blogs at all!

With that said, there are a few ladies who I probably wouldn’t have met offline, or our blogs have made us closer friends.  I Pick Pretty is one of those friends, she is my AIBFF (anonymous internet BFF).  We now send postcards from vacation, Christmas cards, and we’re taking a trip to Dallas together later this year.

I knew Veronika before either of us had blogs, but seeing her daily outfits and beauty tips makes me feel like we are really good friends. J  She lives near me and I run into her at the grocery pretty much every weekend.  It’s always pretty awesome to run into a fashion & beauty blogger when you’re wearing jeans and a running tee, no makeup and you’re not sure if you brushed your hair that day.  Or your teeth.

I met Meg at a local happy hour for bloggers.  I pretty much only barely met her since Georgia was tiny and I was only able to stay for a little while.  But now we read each other’s blogs and chat every day on email.  Hopefully we’ll hang out with our baby girls soon!

I also read Tiffanie’s blog and I’m surprised our paths haven’t crossed in real life.  We go to the same church and have a couple of mutual friends (yep, I Facebook stalked her) and she lives really close to me.  We made plans to take the kiddos on a walk once, but then something came up.  Hopefully soon!  Plus I really love her style - maybe she can help me figure out what to put in my dining room built-ins once we become IRL BFFs (in real life BFFs).

Favorite blogs?
I don’t have a lot of time to read blogs.  In addition to those above, I get happy to see new posts on these:

  • Kelly’s Korner - an all-time favorite.  Great Christian mom who doesn't sugar-coat the terrible twos!  
  • Queen of the Kings - my friend Emily's blog, really motivates me to make more of an effort at clean eating.  Her little CeCe is a few weeks older than Georgia & Emily has been a huge help on sleeping and eating advice.
  • Food, Fitness & Family - lots of great recipe and fitness motivation, plus one really cute baby!
  • Pretty In Pink Megan - wearable outfits with some darn good bags and shoes thrown in.  Plus, she's pretty darn funny most of the time.
  • So Tasty So Yummy - Not clean eating, but my friend Katie has awesome recipes.  I go browse her blog when I'm feeling uninspired.  She should also start a travel blog and a decor blog.  Six years ago her first home was a bit of a internet phenomenon.  I still see her "Neiman Marcus" colors used everywhere.  If Pinterest would have been around back then, she'd be a celebrity.  Oh! And one of the Food Network Star show competitors reads her blog!

What are y’all’s plans for your casa, are you going to stay in the Heights or will you be moving?
We absolutely love our neighborhood with great shopping, quirky hangouts and award winning chefs & restaurants.  There's so much history here, one of the oldest communities in Texas, including a serial killer!  Plus, we're one of the few communities in the world with an award winning blog written about us.  And it's convenient to absolutely everything since it's right in between downtown and the Galleria.

Not to mention our neighbors who we absolutely adore.  On our block there are newlywed couples, middle-aged families, single folks and young families.  Every Sunday, David and Georgia walk across the street to visit Mrs. Mary, who raised her family in her home and now has grandchildren and great-grandchildren come visit her.  In our block and the next block over, there are seven kids under the age of two.  I'm pretty sure there are more with parents who work, so we don't see them out and about as much.  There are five more on the way.  That's crazy!  Pretty much all of us are stay at home moms, and the kids get so excited to see "Baby Georgia".  We just don't want to leave our little built in family here.

With that said, I'm always complaining about needing an actual laundry room, more space, more bedrooms, more bathrooms.  Our house is 1,000 sq. ft. and jumperoos and exersaucers have taken over!  We're definitely going to stay put at least a couple more years then decide if we want a bigger house in the same neighborhood or move to the west side of Houston.  Unless David's job changes, we plan on weighing our options between the Heights and Bunker Hill/Memorial area, probably somewhere between 610 & Beltway 8.

What celebrity do you think you look like?
Nobody, really.  When I was younger, people told me all the time I looked like Julia Roberts but I think that’s just because we both have big teeth!  I once did that online thing where you upload a photo and it tells you who you look like and I got Christy Turlington, which was pretty nice!

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